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About us Bright pearl of seedling kingdom--Yingzhong Garden!
Xiaoshan Xinjie Yingzhong Garden is located at renowned Seedling Town--Xinjie. Which is adjacent to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport in the east and with Xiaoshan Economic Development Zone in the west. ZheGan railway, 104 national speedway, Hangyong speedway, Hangjinqu highway all passing through it and bring convenient transportation. Xinjie town was named "China Seedling town" in june, 2000, by the national forest bureau, and Chinese Flower Association. As the seedling model company in Xiaoshan District,member of the zhejiang flower association and the large scale private seedling basewith centuries old history, Yingzhong Garden now can provide all kinds of seedlings with reasonable price to 萧山花木基地
meet the special need of different project. Various species, full range of specification, stable quality, reasonable prices. Yingzhong Garden provides up-to-date seedling market information, supply and demand news; undertake different scale garden project and green maintenance projects; provides plant suitable for the dry land of west land, sand preventing and sand fixing vegetation. Yingzhong Garden was appraised as "top list company providing seedling for main project in Zhejiang province", "The Zhejiang company famous for its quality and credit."  by Zhejiang flower association.
萧山花木基地 With current three main seedling bases, Yingzhong Garden can produce more than 30 million high-quality, genetically advanced seedlings about 300 species. In recent years, Yingzhong Garden developed more than 20 species of wild plants and colorful leaf seedlings. Euonymus japonica which germinates last for four seasons is the newly developed one. It has been the main virescence species through out the whole
China.With many years development, continuous expansion of scale and technique accumulating, now the nursery has 61 professional staffs and 11 experts and two mainly blocks: seedling and project construction. With its experienced sales team equipped with top-level facility, Yingzhong nursery has taken many virescence projects and was highly appraised. 萧山苗木基地

Sincerely intercourse, mutual cooperation, mutual benefit, keep faith strictly is our operation principle; respect customer, provide high quality service is our operation tenet; small profits but quick turn over is our operation model. Customers for business from all around the world are warmly welcome!

Yingzhong Seedling Garden
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