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Contact us Bright pearl of seedling kingdom--Yingzhong Garden!
ADD: Xinjie,Xiaoshan,Hangzhou,Zhejiang (near
  Yingzhong Primary School) ,China
TEL: +86-571-82614342     +86-571-83030397
FAX: +86-571-82614342
MOBILE: +86-13336023167
General manager: Yongfa Li
Web: http://www.xsmm.com
E-mail: xsmm@xsmm.com
P.C. 311217
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Our Commitment:
    •Strictly in conformed the items in contract.
    •Ensure the quality of seedling, and give inspection for the seedling before export.
    • Another after –sales service:
     - Free for getting the inspection certificate
     - Free loading
     - Free consignment
     - Providing the relevant tech service for promoting the living rate of seedling
Manager Li
Manager Li
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